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LINKQU is an Online Payment Solutions Provider offering an all in one online payment solution, which process through Credit Card, Debit Card, Virtual Bank, and Online Transfer. LINKQU leads market by knowledge of enhanced payment industry and experience of financial solution provider. It brings you enhanced Fin-Tech Solution for accelerating your electronic and digital Business. Approximately 99% of LINKQU customers reported being satisfied with the services it provides. Our customer support is always available to solve our client’s issues 24/7/365.

LINKQU technology is used by merchants to facilitate the acceptance of credit and debit cards as payment for goods and services, principally sold over the Internet, or in other non-face-to-face transactions.

LINKQU is also known as one of the few payment gateway providers that provides end-to-end total solutions for the P2P Lending industry in Indonesia, ranging from the disbursement feature using online transfer services to 148 banks that operating in Indonesia, till the Repayment service using a Virtual Account Bank, making it easier customers to pay their bill through all e-channel bank easily, quickly, cheaply and efficiently. The Internet payment gateway and related technology, also provides a web-based merchant transaction reporting module. LINKQU offers a suite of innovative payment processing and data services that operate anywhere, anytime.

Our Vision

Become Number One Payment Gateway Service In Indonesia

Our Mission

  1. Make a Difference To Spark an Innovation
  2. Delivering High-Quality Result Beyond The Expectation Of Our Client
  3. Elevate Our Client’s Business

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